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12 May 2014 @ 06:38 pm
Burning Up  
TITLE: Burning Up
AUTHOR: chocomarijuana
PAIRING: Jackson/Mark
LENGTH: One-Shot
WARNING: Mild drug use.
P.S.: Oh well, it’s for Nat.
Burning Up

They’ve done this before. Definitely. Both of them with their own friends, long time ago, around high-school maybe – when you could get a hold of this kind of things at every second corner of the street –, but they’ve never done it together.
Which was definitely some experience.

They decided to do this at Jackson’s apartment – turning down Friday night’s party invitations from various people – for the sake of fully enjoying the effects without being disturbed.

They ended up on the couch, legs comfortably draped over the coffee table in front of them, one of Jackson’s legs just as comfortably hanging over Mark’s own purely out of old habit’s inertia.

Man…” He took a deep breath, the sudden inhale piercing his temples with a strong feeling of something like vertigo. “I don’t know what’s in this shit, but… damn.” He looks over at Mark, with eyes half lidded by the uncontrollable haze that successfully fogged up his mind, and smiled. It’s one of those lazy smiles when you can’t really control your face and it makes you look kind of stupid, but it still pulls insistently at the corners of your mouth, and you can’t help but snicker at how ridiculously good everything feels.

He took another two puffs, holding the smoke in as much as he could before passing the blunt over to his friend. Mark’s been slightly reluctant to do this, since last time he did it he ended up face first in the toilet for about two hours straight – but that was in 10th grade when he didn’t know pot shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol. They were college students now and able to handle stuff like this.

More or less.

“Oh God, I can’t believe you are making me do this.” Mark let out a nervous laugh, shaking his head at the ridiculousness of the situation, but took the joint between his fingers nonetheless, already bringing it to his lips. “Just promise you won’t take pictures this time.” He gave Jackson a skeptical look, his brows furrowing slightly on their own.

“I swear.” He held a hand to his heart, trying to be convincing, but also trying to keep his laughter inside his throat as he looked over at Mark’s face.

“You’re such a piece of shit. I so don’t believe you.” Mark couldn’t help but let out a laugh before smacking Jackson arm only to make him stab himself in the chest with the heel of his palm.

“Ok, fine, don’t believe me!” Jackson’s eyes almost rolled out of his head as he let out a scoff. “Then just give it back and stop wasting the joint with too much talking and no smoking.” He already reached to slip the blunt from between Mark’s fingers when the other one pulled it away.

“Ok, fine! I’ll do it.”  Mark pushed Jackson hands away and brought the cigarette between his lips. He took three puffs – a bit too heartily – and ended up coughing out half of the smoke. “Oh, fuck—” His eyes started watering, saliva gathering rapidly in his mouth.

Jackson pushed a bottle of coke into his hand before Mark would choke to death, unable to control his laughter. “You sure don’t half-ass shit when you do it, man.” He patted Mark on the shoulder a couple of times until he came back to his senses.

“Shut up.” The other took a couple of gulps out of the bottle, the sting leaving his sinuses as he swallowed down the bitter taste.

The second and third time went smoother, Mark didn’t choke and Jackson only got more lightheaded by the minute. It was good progress given that it’s been quite a few years since they’ve done this.

It wasn’t as weird as they expected it to be – almost the same effect a few glasses of vodka would bless them with, only better.
It felt comfortable. The room was getting warmer, and their heads lighter. In the meantime, Jackson turned the music up quite a bit, the speakers thrumming with the bass of some addictive songs Jackson was – as Mark preferred to say – ‘unhealthily obsessed with’.

“Still don’t like my music?” Jackson looked up at Mark, his head on the boy’s shoulder, where it had slid to rest quite a while ago – a gesture that comes so naturally, neither noticed anymore –, the same lazy smile stretching across his lips almost like emotional black-mail.

Mark couldn’t make himself say no.

“Mmm, ‘tis not that bad, actually.” After a joint and a half, his tongue didn’t work its way with words that easily anymore. His statement was accompanied by a smile mirroring his friend’s, unfocused eyes trying to take in the sight of Jackson’s face that close.  Mark could feel the heat radiating from Jackson’s skin against his cheek and his hot breath fanning over his chin. Someone should have really opened a window earlier was what passed through Mark’s mind at that moment, but was soon interrupted by Jackson’s voice booming above the music, a bit too loud for their proximity.

“I wanna try something.”

Those were the words that usually brought along a glimmer in Jackson’s eyes, but now they came accompanied by a somewhat smug quirk of his brow.

He helped himself up clumsily enough, taking the joint from the ashtray to light it up once again and take a longer drag out of it. Meanwhile, Mark was watching him clueless, becoming even more confused when Jackson threw one leg over his own, sliding into his lap with an expression he couldn’t really associate with anything in that moment.

“What now?” He let out a soft laugh, quirking a brow at Jackson, who comfortably settled in place, joint in one hand, while with the other he tipped Mark’s chin up, telling him to pucker his lips and take a deep breath.

And Mark did just that.

As Jackson blew the smoke slowly between his lips, Mark inhaled deeply, his brain receiving another dose of wooziness, making his eyelids heavy and body ridiculously light. Wow, the music really sounded better than ever.

Jackson took another few drags before putting out the blunt.

Mark was still in the same position, head tilted back, his eyes closed and hands casually resting on Jackson’s thighs, while Jackson tried holding himself up with one arm against the backrest, head hanging low against Mark’s shoulder.

Like that, Jackson could feel his nostrils invaded by the familiar yet ever-pleasant scent of Mark’s cologne, mixed with the faint musk oozing from his heated skin. He couldn’t help a smirk forming on his lips as Mark’s hand slowly started moving up his thigh to his hip, hot fingers unconsciously sliding under the hem of his shirt. His skin prickled at the feeling, hips slightly jutting forward out of reflex.

That move made the boy under him release a soft gasp, his hold tightening slightly against Jackson’s hip.

With the tingling sensation taking over his body, Jackson could faintly make out the familiar sense of his mind becoming strangely clouded with arousal.  It wasn’t something uncommon when he drank, and apparently his body reacted the same way with other chemicals.

“Jackson…” The way his name spilled from Mark’s lips, breathy and hot against the side of the boy’s neck, made Jackson understand that his friend was very much in the same situation.

“Shh…” Jackson whispered against his ear with a smirk, his own hand grasping harder onto the couch to hold his own self up despite his mind spinning and messing with his center of balance.

With a slow swivel of his hips, Jackson managed to entice another moan from the other, teeth sinking into his bottom lip as his eyelids fell closed again with a deep frown.

“Fuck—” Mark sucked in a sharp inhale, his head dropping back against the couch while his hand slid further under Jackson’s shirt, while the other one previously resting on his thigh wandered down to grip onto his ass, pulling his hips closer to his own.

In that moment, Jackson thought it was pretty convenient how they both decided to wear sweats that day, knowing they’d probably ‘just chill’ at Jackson’s place… yeah, just chill.

The feeling of their hard-ons perfectly contoured through the layers of thin cotton only added to the lightheadedness, making their bodies heat up to the extent at which they gradually started to hyperventilate. Every light touch against skin was burning, leaving trails of goose bumps behind and shivers running down their spine. The feeling was too good for either of them to stop just now, their bodies naturally yearning towards the need of release, thoughts no longer clear.

Jackson leaned his forehead against Mark’s, his hand slipping behind the boy’s nape, half lidded eyes staring into his for a few moments. Their breaths were mingling in between, and they were close enough to be able to taste each other on their tongues, unable to deny the fact that it was mind-blowingly intoxicating.

As Mark breathed out moans against Jackson’s chin, the other only rutted harder against him, hips pushing down and grinding just the right way to bring them both closer to the edge. It didn’t take long though.

Jackson’s lips parted with a soft gasp, blunt nails digging into the back of Mark’s neck and hips stuttering before stilling completely, his orgasm spilling hot and messy inside his boxers.

Mark bit hard onto his lip as he came, moan trapped in the back of his throat as his back arched from the couch and hands clenched against Jackson’s flesh. He felt his body go lax with a pleasant sensation of ease he only few times felt before.

In the meantime, Jackson fell back against the couch, cushion under his head as he looked over at his friend with half lidded eyes, the expression on his face depicting a lustful satisfaction.

After a moment of silence between the two, after they managed to catch their breaths and come back to their senses – somewhat –, Jackson was the first one to speak up.

“How you feeling?” There was a knowing smirk curling at the corner of his mouth and Mark didn’t miss it.

“Swell.” Mark’s words came out along with a soft laugh as he finally turned his look towards his friend, feeling his cheeks and neck flushing like crazy.

Jackson’s dark chuckle was a substitute for an agreement, his foot casually making its way to Mark’s crotch as he pressed his toes teasingly along the softening shaft.

Mark almost choked on how sharply he sucked in a breath, shivering from the uncomfortable feeling of cooling semen inside his briefs.

“Wanna try it again?” Jackson’s smirk only grew as his fingers played with the elastic band of his sweats. “This time with no pants.”
The Queen of Disaster~k_pop4life on May 12th, 2014 04:04 pm (UTC)
Fuck you're the greatest. Spot for later ♡
The Queen of Disaster~k_pop4life on May 23rd, 2014 03:32 pm (UTC)
I'm aware it took me a while OTL


I really liked the fact that they were both "hanging out" like they knew something was probably going to happen between them. I like how Mark is apprehensive at first but he's with Jackson so he just goes along with it and then he ends up liking Jackson's music (I really liked that tiny part for some reason).
They can't keep their hands off each other! damn! (or their feet like you mentioned).

Mark and Jackson are killing me man! I don't know how to handle all of these feelings!!!!!!!
Vanessavaneszikkipower on May 21st, 2014 11:28 am (UTC)

My baby is writing GOT7 fics!!! yeah :) <33
Hi sweetie :)
Gotta read it :)

Mark Jackson JB and BamBam are my biases lol i could not just have one, as usual lol :)

See yaaaaaa
Vanessavaneszikkipower on May 21st, 2014 04:32 pm (UTC)
umpffffff jackson mark fiou! lol what a comment right? ;)
These two in this fic are fucking hot. Ene i who don't smoke that, would have loved to be there right in between or even just watch them haha ***perv noona***